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Creatinine Clearance Calculator (height)

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|Cockcroft & Gault using patient height




Calculated Creatinine Clearance
(Cockcroft & Gault Formula, estimating Lean Body Mass from height, adults only)
NB: Requires creatinine in umol/L
Plasma creatinine (umol/l)
Age (years)
Height (cm)
Sex (m or f) (lower case only)

Creatinine clearance (mL/min):

  90 - 150 mL/min

Estimated Lean Body Mass (kg):



Creatinine Clearance =
              {(140 - Age) x wt (kg) x F} / (Plasma Creatinine * 0.81356)
Where F = 1 if male, and 0.85 if female

Estimated Lean Body Mass from patient's height:
Males (kg) = 50 kg plus 0.9 kg for every cm of height > 152 cm
Females (kg) = 45.5 kg plus 0.9 kg for every cm of height > 152 cm

  • Enter data in table and creatinine Clearance will be calculated according to the Cockcroft and Gault formula estimating lean body mass from the patient's height.
  • The required inputs are plasma creatinine, age, height and sex.
  • Note that the result will differ from the true value at extremes of body composition.
  • The data is not stored electronically
  • All transcriptions must be checked for errors.
(with thanks to M R Holland, Knowledge in Capsular Form)
Last updated 14/12/2016