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eGFR with MDRD

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      MDRD GFR Calculation       NB: Requires creatinine in umol/L
Plasma creatinine (umol/l)  (for IDMS aligned assays*)
Age (years)
Sex (m or f) (lower case only)

eGFR (mL/min/1.73m2):




eGFR = 175 x [(Serum Creatinine x 0.0113) -1.154] x (age -0.203) x F
Where F = 1 if male, and 0.742 if female
  • Enter patient's serum creatinine, age and sex data in boxes and eGFR will be calculated according to the abbreviated MDRD Formula*.
  • Suitable for adults only (>17 years of age)
  • * This calculator uses the MDRD formula derived for use with serum creatinine assays aligned with the international reference method, Isotope Dilution Mass Sprectrometry (IDMS). The SydPath assay is IDMS aligned. For details on creatinine results from other laboratories please contact the testing laboratory.


  • Results are unreliable for eGFR > 90 mL/min/1.73m2.
  • Note that the result may differ from the true value at extremes of body composition.
  • Results will NOT reflect true GFR if patient is receiving dialysis therapy.
  • The formula has not been validated for Aboriginals, Pacific Islanders or Chinese people.
  • For African-Americans mutliply result by 1.21.
  • Results may deviate from true GFR values with extremes of body composition or dietary intake or severe liver disease.
  • The formula has NOT been validated for drug dosing. Cockcroft and Gault estimates are recommended.
  • The data is not stored electronically all transcriptions must be checked for errors.
  • Further information from Kidney Health Australia (
(with thanks to M R Holland, Knowledge in Capsular Form)
Last updated 19/01/2015