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Delta Troponin Calculator

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Calculation of Delta Troponin.
ng/L ng/L =>> %
Current TnT Previous TnT Delta Troponin
(troponin change
0% = no change)
Formula: Delta Troponin = 100 x (TnTcurr - TnTprev)/TnTprev



  • This calculator is designed for use with high Sensitivity Troponin T (TnT-hs)
  • Delta troponin is the percent difference between two troponin results taken in the same patient within a 3 - 8 hour time period.
  • A delta troponin > + / - 30%, with one value for TnT-hs >14 ng/L,  is consistent with an Acute Myocardial Infarction in the right clinical setting.
  • Delta troponin is a continuous variable, ie a more rapid rise (or fall) is more suggestive of AMI than a smaller rise or fall.
  • Delta troponin must be interpreted in the context of timing since the onset of symptoms. During an AMI troponins rise rapidly from abotu 2 - 6 hours after the onset of symptoms to a peak at 18 - 24 hours followed by a fall over 7 - 10 days.
  • In other clinical settigns troponins typically change more slowly or have a delta value less than 30%.
(with thanks to M R Holland, Knowledge in Capsular Form)
Author: Graham Jones - Department of Chemical Pathology

Last updated 29/09/2010