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On 19th September, 2016 SydPath changed its method for performing ESR testing. The manual Westergren equivalent method has been replaced by an automated method.

The automated method measures the initial phase of rouleaux formation during the first few minutes of sedimentation.

During the process of validating this method, the reference range was reassessed and changed to 2-25mm/hr.

Erythrocyte sedimentation is a non-specific reaction associated with changes in plasma proteins. It is a measure of the presence and severity of pathological processes. In general, the ESR is increased in acute, general infections and in localized, acute, inflammatory conditions. Variations in the ESR depend on the nature and severity of the disease process.

For further information, contact the Laboratory Haematologist, Dr Joanne Joseph on 8382-9151.

Last updated 11/08/2017